One-of-a-kind artisan jewelry. Fine metals, natural stone. Bohemian chic.
Rustic with an urban twist and a touch of magic.

ALMERIA Design Lookbook

ALMERIA was founded on the premise that people should be able to wear something that has meaning, something that brings out the beauty from the darkness in the world. With an intention and story behind each unique piece, ALMERIA and founder Wendy Hill follows in a long line of makers that do things the old way.


Wendy Hill, Almeria Design

Wendy Hill is an artist, metalsmith, and self-proclaimed worldly wanderer who is dedicated to the ancient craft of making things by hand. All of her pieces are completely one-of-a-kind, and she prefers it that way. Splitting her time between the north shore of Maui and the mountains of Utah, Wendy enjoys drawing from her vast travel experience (over 25 countries and counting) and contributing to the creation of the world around her.

A spiritually rich person, Wendy believes you have to be deeply in touch with your emotions to make art, and is moved by the language of music and the raw nature around her. She brings these elements – and a touch of magic –  into each piece she makes.

Her jewelry and her fine art pieces have been displayed at juried exhibitions on Maui, including the acclaimed Hui No‘eau Visual Arts Center.